3D Printing Process Glossary


Many Terms are used in 3D printing Processes the following list of the most common terms that are used.

  1. Bed Adhesion: The process of attaching the first layer of a print to the build plate.
  2. Build Plate: The flat surface on which 3D objects are printed.
  3. Calibration: The process of adjusting the printer to ensure accurate and consistent prints.
  4. Filament: The material used in fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing, which is fed through a heated extruder to form the object.
  5. Extruder: The component of a 3D printer that melts the filament and deposits it layer by layer.
  6. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling): A type of 3D printing technology that uses melted filament to build objects layer by layer.
  7. G-Code: A set of instructions used by 3D printers to control their movements and extrude filament.
  8. Infill: The interior structure of a 3D printed object, which can be customized to balance strength and cost.
  9. Layer Height: The thickness of each layer in a 3D printed object, which affects the surface smoothness and print time.
  10. Nozzle: The small opening in the extruder through which the melted filament is deposited.
  11. Overhang: A section of a 3D print that extends beyond the previous layer without support.
  12. Raft: A flat layer of material, often made of the same filament as the main print, that is added to improve bed adhesion.
  13. Resolution: The level of detail in a 3D print, often expressed in terms of layer height.
  14. Retraction: The process of pulling filament back into the extruder to prevent stringing and improve printing accuracy.
  15. Slicer: A software program that takes a 3D model and converts it into the G-Code instructions used by 3D printers.
  16. Support Structure: Temporary material added to a 3D print to support overhanging sections, which is later removed.
  17. Z-Axis: The vertical axis in a 3D printer, which determines the height of the layers being deposited.

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