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3D Printing & Design 


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If you require NDA or you require assistance with the pricing, please send us an email to: service@digitmakers.ca

65% On MJP Printing (Injection Mold Quality)  


Design Services

The DigitMakers.ca team can help you transform your idea to a real, physical products. We offer product realization and prototyping services with very competitive prices.

Our Machines

Digitmakers.ca utilizes state of the art 3D printers that deliver high accuracy prototypes / low volume production parts to our customers. The following comprises our fleet of 3D printing technology we have currently use: 

  • ProJet 2500 Plus - provides injection mold-like quality accuracy and smooth finish parts. 
  • FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling; We provide a wide array of 3D Printers that ensure 3D printed parts quality.
  • SLA - Stereolithography; We carry UNIZ and other models that provide high accuracy.


DigitMakers.ca 3D Printing Policy

DigitMakers.ca strives to provide the best 3D printing service for all of our customers. Our Company doesn't provide 3D printing services to projects related to weapons and sexual objects.


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