Wanhao D9 Build Tips


Build Tips: Wanhao D9

Issue : Z banding when printing objects at 45mm/sec when each layer is more than the time the slicer slows down the print speed. This is only visible on the Y axis.

This can be due to the alignment of the Z carriage (Plate where there are 3 rollers per side) 


Remove the extruder assemble as per building instructions.

    Unplug X motor and end stop wire.

      Remove the X carriage assembly


        Notice the bolt holding the t-nut is loose. ½ turn loose from hand tight.


          Mount the X axis back to the plates slowly tightening both sides equally. If the mount is loose on the tnut, turn the mount 1/8 at a time then re tighten

          Do another test print with the same gcode.

          Keep in mind to check all belts.

          Align Z motor against the threaded z rods.

          The alignment of the motors are often not centered on the Zrod. This will yield an uneven print on the Z axis. This is mostly visible on 90 degree wall but not visible on irregular shapes.


          1. Loosen 4 (2.5mm)  screws on the motor


          2. Make sure that the screws on the lead screw nuts are secured. Move the Z axis all the way to the bottom.


          3. Move the motor freely to align against the treaded rod. Slowly tighten the 4 screws in an X pattern


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