X1E Firmware Update


Source: Bambu Lab Wiki 

Bambu Lab has released a new Firmware Update for the Bambu Lab X1E 3D Printer. 

New Features

1. Motor Noise Cancellation

The widely acclaimed Motor Noise Cancellation feature from the A1 mini is now available for X1E printers. This innovative feature reduces motor noise during long-line movements and mitigates the humming sound associated with high-speed printing. Additionally, it slightly improves Vertical Fine Artifacts (VFA), resulting in smoother printed walls. (The VFA is correlated to a lot of factors, including filament condition, print speed, and extrusion calibration. The improvement provided by Motor Noise Cancellation can vary under different circumstances.)

Please remember to run the calibration after updating the firmware to properly activate this feature. You can find the calibration option under the Control-Utilities menu. The process will take approximately 10 minutes.

2. Simplified Binding Prerequisite

In previous firmware versions, when binding the Bambu Handy app to the printer by scanning the QR code, both devices have to be on the same LAN network. Starting with this firmware version, users can perform the binding operation without the need to have both devices on the same LAN.

For this function to work, the region selected on the printer screen must be consistent with the account region selected under the account used in Bambu Handy.

The region selection has been added on the first boot page after the update has been completed.

You can check the account user region under the Settings -> Account page. If you ever need to change the region, you can do so after logging out of the printer and performing the binding operation again.

3. Enhanced third-party filament support (in conjunction with Bambu Studio V 1.8.1 and up)

With Bambu Studio v1.8.1, users now have the ability to create, modify, and delete custom filament profiles, which are saved in your Bambu account. We've created a guide detailing how to establish a custom filament preset and utilize this new feature.

Your X1E printer can now sync these custom filament presets with your account. You'll find these presets available in the filament selection slots when manually choosing your filament settings.

Please be aware that if you log out from the printer and the device is disconnected from the cloud, the custom filament information on the printer won't be immediately removed. It will only be cleared when another account is bound to the printer. The custom filament data associated with the new account will then be synchronized, assuming you follow the steps outlined in the guide linked above.

4. Automatic Chamber Cooling

When printing PLA filament, excessive chamber temperature may lead to nozzle clogging and other printing issues. The newly added Automatic Chamber Cooling feature adjusts the chamber temperature regulator fan speed based on chamber temperature during printing, reducing the risk of nozzle clogs by providing appropriate cooling.

5. Authentication when connected by Ethernet

X1E enabled authentication when connected by Ethernet. 



1. Updated the icons for temperature & humidity readings.

2. Optimized the color display for translucent filaments.

3. Optimized the filament auto-mapping logic when printing with AMS. The color slot that cannot be mapped would need to be manually assigned filament before printing.

4. Added support for 802.11w protocol.

5. Added WPA3 encryption.

Bug Fix

1. Fixed the Lidar intermittent build plate type identification failure.

2. Fixed intermittent connection failure when switching from encrypted to non-encrypted connection.


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