Flashforge Adventure 3 Firmware Update

Flashforge Adventure 3 Firmware Update

This is a short guide for updating the firmware for the Flashforge Adventure 3

With every new printer on the market, companies rush to procure a new model for the market. Many times they can't get all the bugs fixed, and so they release firmware updates to improve performance and reliability of their products. Some updates are small improvements for USB flash storage or optimizing Wifi connections. Firmware updates also allow old hardware to possibly run new features such as cloud printing and monitoring.

Follow the instructions to update your Adventure 3.

  1. Download the firmware file to the USB-drive and unzip to root directory.(You can format the USB-drive to FAT32 first). Confirm all the files in the root directory of USB-drive. 
    Download the file from our site. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1745/6181/files/Adventurer3-1.0.7-1.3-20181121.tgz?693
  2. Insert the USB drive, and then power on the printer.
  3. There should be three beep sounds,and then it will show the firmware updated is finished.
  4. Wait for around 10 seconds,then power off the printer. Remove the USB-drive, then power on again to check through the menu.
  5. Format USB drive to avoid updating erroneous printers.

Once you're done, your printer is ready for new features! Happy printing!

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  • Chris Hogan
    Chris Hogan

    Hey Tim, have you worked it out yet?
    I had the same issue, go into settings, camera and turn it from manual to auto. Drove me mad until I stumbled onto it.


  • sky ryder
    sky ryder

    Reformat your USB stick from NTSF to FAT32 . Also with fat 32 your file size will also be limited

    What’s the maximum file size for FAT32? 4GB. Individual files on a FAT32 drive can’t be over 4 GB in size—that’s the maximum. A FAT32 partition must also be less than 8 TB, which admittedly is less of a limitation unless you’re using super-high-capacity drives.

  • Timothy Paynter
    Timothy Paynter

    Hi Guys, just wondering if you can help me out? I have just purchased a Adventurer 3and started my way into 3d printing. I did a few trial prints using the supplied file on the printer and then tried to do two from the USB. All of these worked well, so I then connected up to my WiFi and did a firmware update and tried a print from FlashCloud. Once again a good result. This is where the problems started, I then tried a large print and FlashCloud said it was too big so U loaded it to my USB stick and inserted it into the printer. The printer refused to acknowledge the USB stick. I tried to old power off power on trick and briefly the USB was found. I tried to do another print but the USB became undetected and the file I believe was corrupted., I tried these steps several times and got the same results. each time the file started the print but there seemed to be errors in the Printing. I have tried another firmware check but am running the most up to date files. I have also powered off at the wall and tried the factory reset nothing works. The USB is seen for about thirty second then nothing. Is there a way to revert back to older firmware to see if this would help or am I stuck using small file off FlashCloud for printing only?
    Any help would be great. I have yet to try direct connection of the laptop to the printer but may try that tonight.

    Regards Tim

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