BUY 3D PRINTING FILAMENTS IN BULK, CUSTOMIZE YOUR FILAMENT COLORS, AND CREATE PRIVATE LABEL IN CANADA provides reduced prices to clients or resellers looking to buy filaments in bulk. Universities, government agencies, resellers, and business owners usually purchase in bulk. We offer wholesale or bulk pricing to brands such as Filaments Depot, D3D Sigma, eSUN, D3D Premium, and other brands  with minimum order quantity requirement.
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Being a manufacturer, importer, and official distributor of various 3D Printing Filaments brands, offer competitive pricing on top-notch products to our resellers. There is no need to apply to become a reseller and you can count on reliable inventory, shipping, and handling of products.  
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We now offer large spools of filament in various sizes to meet the growing demand of larger 3D printers. Our spool sizes range from 1kg to 10kg, available in 1.75mm, with a tolerance of +/-0.05mm. All filaments undergo meticulous inspection to ensure adherence to specifications.
For any inquiries regarding our large 3D filament spools, contact us via email or call us at +1 416 739 1515. offers a wide range of 3D Printing Filaments and Materials to clients who want to increase their sales margin and market their products uniquely through creating their own brand.
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Being a trusted manufacturer of 3D Printing Filaments, can create customized colors for you from single solid color to multi color gradients. 
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