DigitMakers Business Solution (DBS) Framework


Digitmakers.ca strives to provide Canadian businesses with 3D solution that fits their daily needs and requirements .Our sales engineers have over 25 years of Manufacturing and Transaction processes knowledge and experience that provide in-depth consultation to streamline and provide cost-effective , and reliable solutions for your business. We have provided customers in Education, Manufacturing, Health Care, Consultation and design firm, Civil Engineering, Architectural and others.
DBS is step by step process that guarantee customer's satisfactions  

DBS Process


How does it work?

 Please refer to the process below that we follow to provide best customer experience. 



1. Customer Contact 

Please Contact Us HERE and our sales engineer will be in contact to provide free consultation.

Or , Email us : Sales@digitmakers.ca

Or Call Us : 888.635.7113

Or Visit Our Showroom 

2. Business Requirement Gathering

What are your business' needs? Do you need to digitize an object? Or do you need a CAD to part solution? Maybe the project only requires one part scanned or printed to verify the design. We want to know to help you better.

3. Provide Samples, Demos, Knowledge based samples

Provide customers with all the required information to make an informed decision

4. Financial Process 

Provide a quote that fits the proposed budget and finalize purchasing methods: Purchase orders, in store payments, company credit Cards, leasing options

5. Delivery Options

Many orders we receive do qualify for free shipping. However we do offer deals and incentive when a customer is available to pick it up from our North York location

6. Customer Experience Follow Up

Once the product is delivered, we follow up with our customers via email or phone to understand any problems or concerns they may have. We also offer training and life-time support for those having troubles. Support can either be provided through our own DM Ticketing System, or directly through from the Manufacturer. 

7. Proof of Use and Customer Feedback. (Voice of the Customer)

Your voice is heard! Sales engineer will contact customers to check their experience with our products.

8. 3D Filaments Supply and Continuous Support

To make sure our Customers can keep printing, we provide a wide range of filaments and profiles for our customers to try new filaments and continue production. If our product is unsatisfactory, our Sales Engineer will contact and provide support for the customer.